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The Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY) AND Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied Sectors Rejuvenation (RKVY-RAFTAAR) is an important scheme of the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare (MoA&FW), aimed at strengthening infrastructure in agriculture and allied areas In order to promote agripreneurship and agribusiness by providing financial support and nurturing the incubation ecosystem

Agri and Food Business Incubator – IIT Kharagpuris a centre for supporting agribusiness incubation by tapping innovations and technologies for venture creation in agriculture. The centre has been strengthened by grant-in-aid from GoI. IIT Kharagpur has been tasked with the responsibility of creating the necessary infrastructure for mentoring and nurturing agri entrepreneurs from the ideation to subsequent development phases.

AFBIC as an R-ABI (RKVY – RAFTAAR Agri Business Incubator):

AFBIC as an R-ABI role is to help agriculture business entrepreneurs by helping them build viable business models by providing them a launch pad for technology acquisition, R&D facilitation, commercial tech transfer, networking and knowledge dissemination.

The role of IIT Kharagpur as an R-ABI has been tasked with the responsibility to run primarily two programs, namely i) Agri-Business Orientation, and ii) Agri-Business Incubation for AgribasedStartups.

Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur is executing the agripreneurship orientation program(AOP). This program aims at providing an opportunity to interested ideation stage entrepreneurs/Startups to work on their innovative ideas by imparting two months training cum hands on internship with similar Startups. Guided by experienced experts, they will be able to understand business concepts/nuances, strategy and practical insights of specific industries or markets, challenges and strategies to resolve them

  • To nurture potential agripreneurs by training them practical, technical and business insights
  • To create and nurture a pipeline of agripreneurs for incubators
  • On campus mentoring by industry experts
  • Classroom sessions on intellectual property (IP), contracts, technical sessions
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Product Design & Market Assessment
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • A stipend of Rs 10,000/- per month for 2 months

A grant-in-aid upto 5 Lakhs upon successful RC enquiry

Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur is executing the agripreneurship incubation program. The aim of this program is to provide the launch pad for incubates who are in prototype/ expansion stage of their product/ service. They will be strengthened with need-based infrastructure, equipment and man power support to implement different components.

  • To ensure seed support to deserving incubates
  • To enable translation of minimum viable product (MVP) to marketable stage and scale up the product and business.

To provide a platform for faster experimentation and modification in their approaches or minimum viable product (MVP) based on innovative solutions/ processes / products/ services/ business models etc.

  • Selected incubatees will be provided incubation and seed stage money as 85 percent grant up to a maximum of Rs.25 lakhs through R-ABIs for product development/improvement, administrative and market research in the early stages of a start-up.
  • On campus mentoring by industry experts
  • Classroom sessions on intellectual property (IP), contracts, technical sessions
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Product Design & Market Assessment

Business Plan Preparation

No, there is no such prescribed criterion. Programmesare open forall entrepreneurial applicants irrespective of qualification.

There is no maximum age limit however, the applicant should not be aminor.

Yes, training is an integral part of both the programmes and compulsory to attend.

Founder or anyone from his/her core team members is permissibleto attend the training.However, it is suggestive for the founder toattend the training programme.

After the completion of two months training programme, AFBICwill forward the proposal of selected start-ups to the RC Committee.

Any idea/venture in Agri and allied sector which satisfy DIPP definition of startup is eligible to apply.

(DIPP’s definition of startup:

An entity shall be considered as a Startup:

  • Upto a period of seven years from the date of incorporation/registration, if it is incorporated as a private limitedcompany (as defined in the Companies Act, 2013) or registered as a partnership firm (registered under section59 of the Partnership Act, 1932) or a limited liability partnership (under the Limited Liability Partnership Act,2008) in India. In the case of Startups in the biotechnology sector, the period shall be upto ten years from thedate of its incorporation/ registration.
  • Turnover of the entity for any of the financial years since incorporation/ registration has not exceeded Rs. 25crore

Entity is working towards innovation, development or improvement of products or processes or services, or if itis a scalable business model with a high potential of employment generation or wealth creation.)

It will be provided through cheque or NEFT in the name of the participant.

Venue for training will be, Agriculture and Food Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur.

Funding for the selected Start-ups and Agripreneurs will come from Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer welfare, GoI through AFBIC

Yes. Food and Lodging will be borne by the participants (AOP/AIP both) for the two month duration program.

The training will be provided in Hindi and English.

Yes, they can participate. However, they would need to register inorder to be eligible for funding.

Applicants from anybackground can apply but his/herproject should beunderAgriculture and Allied Sector(s).

Start-ups showing some growth in the period of two months andwhich can stand on the parameters of selection of RIC will be selected.


Under Agripreneurship Orientation Programme selected

applicants will receive 90% of project cost as financial aid

(maximum Rs. 5 lakhs) while under Startup Agri-Business

Incubation Programme selected applicants will receive 85% of

project cost as financial aid (maximum Rs. 25 lakhs).

Fund will be disbursed to selected Startups in three tranches of  40% , 40% and 20%